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Why & how to use packing cubes

The difference between people who travel carry-on only and those who don’t is not necessarily what they pack but how they pack. This post shares tips on how to use packing cubes to fit more in your carry-on luggage and the best packing cubes and compression bags for travel. During our years of digital nomad traveling with just carry-on luggage, we’ve learnt that how you pack is hugely important. Most carry-on travelers agree that the best way to stay organized and save space is to use packing organizers. They could be simple zip-lock bags or more durable travel packing cubes or compression bags. By using bag organizers, you can compartmentalize your travel gear with each bag or cube containing a different category of item. The...

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9 Tips for Digital Nomads Who Want to Travel the World

Before you decide jumping on the digital nomad wagon, it's a good idea to have a plan how to deep-dive into this life changing adventure with a feasible plan. In this article we gathered some great tips for those who play with the idea of becoming digital nomads.  

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