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Infinity scarf with hidden pocket

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Protect yourself from pickpockets!

One long circular scarf with many functions.

Stop being an easy target! No more clunky purses or awkward fanny packs to get between you and your travel experience. With this scarf you can avoid making yourself an easy target for pickpockets!

Hidden Zipper Pocket: This infinity scarf features an amazing hidden pocket that can fit all of your most valuable accessories like: phone, keys, ID card, credit cards, passport and so on.

A true no brainer to any savvy traveller.

Lightweight: Won't make a difference to how & what you pack.
Soft fabric: Comfortable to wear in all season.
Infinity scarf design:  due to its length, it allows you to wear it in different styles.

One size

Washing & Care: Machine Wash, Hang to dry, iron if needed.

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